Bali, Indonesia: The Map Project

Bali Map Project

The Bali Map Project



Bali: Map Project

Learning about Bali was our first attempt with the Map Project. Ethan chose it after watching an episode of Justin Time that grabbed his interest. Most months we didn’t end up getting to do one new meal or craft every single week, but we did the best we could, and I will share with you what we did manage to accomplish. Our Bali map project was a lot of fun. During our first week we focused on learning about the flag and made a version of a Thai Satay from the Life’s on Fire cookbook. It is great if you’re looking to ease your kids into new flavours and use easy to find ingredients. Our kids loved it. They each had three helpings!

For our second week we made Umbul Umbul, or Balinese flags, along with a recipe for Nasi Goreng. The kids loved helping to make the meal and really enjoyed their craft. It has been almost two years and we still have them displayed!

Click the weeks below to download weekly recipes and crafts.

Bali Map Project: Week One

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Bali Map Project: Week Two

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We hope you enjoy this months Bali map project! We would love to get your feedback in the comments section below if you give it a try.


Looking for another country to explore with your children? Head back to our Map Project home page for a list of every country we’ve added so far!




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