Central African Republic: The Map Project

Our third installment of the Map Project features the Central African Republic (CAR). This month was a big challenge. Central African Republic is not a place that is easy to research. There isn’t much information out there to find online and recipes were even harder to come by. Some of the ingredients are difficult to find, which was also a roadblock we had to meet. I will share with you all of the information I can, and hopefully you will have an easier time than we did.

Unlike other months, our CAR experience was just one week. Crafts and recipes below.

Central African Republic Map Project

Central African Republic: The Map Project


Central African Republic: The Map Project

As said above, this month was difficult, so it turned out to be rather sparse. We made Egusi Sauce – a sauce for vegetables or meat made from crushed melon seeds – and Bouiller – a dessert made from peanut butter and rice (yum!!). The crafts we did were the flag and African Tribal Masks. For the masks, we kept it simple. The kids painted faces onto styrofoam plates. If you want to get more detailed, you can add things to your masks such as sea shells, seeds, straws, and feathers. If you are looking for more meaning to explain mask uses, features and symbolism, you can read more here. Documents below are available to download for recipes and craft instructions.

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