Disney D.I.Y’s – Homemade Magic for your Disney Vacation

These DIsney D.I.Y's will have everyone jumping for joy!

These Disney D.I.Y’s will have everyone jumping for joy!

Are you planning a trip to Walt Disney World? You’re in for a magical vacation! Are you surprising your kids with a trip? Letting them plan the vacation with you? Are you looking for a few Disney D.I.Y’s to add your own touch of Pixie Dust to your days at Disney? From vacation countdowns to activities for while waiting in line, we’ve got it here! So read on to start adding some extra magic with our Disney D.I.Y’s and FREE printables!

(*Health Notice – Disney D.I.Y’s may cause heightened levels of happiness, excitement and child-like wonder. Please use excessively*) 


1. Walt Disney World Countdown Treasure Map

Walt Disney World Countdown Treasure Map

Disney D.I.Y #1 – Walt Disney World Countdown Treasure Map

Are your kids getting a trip to Disney for a special occasion like Christmas? (Or a birthday, or March break, or Tuesday…) Do they have to wait a while between the gifting day and travel day? Turn their wait into a mystery treasure hunt! (Complete with weekly clues and/or treasures). Follow these steps for a Neverland Pirate Adventure!


2. Countdown Chain

Disney D.I.Y #2 - Countdown Chain

Disney D.I.Y #2 – Countdown Chain

For every day before your departure, create one link. You may choose to date them as well to help keep track. Every morning or evening (your choice) have your children remove a link. It is fun to help count the days and watch the chain become smaller and smaller as you get closer to your trip. You can even choose to use our fun variation: Add a few links that are a different colour from the rest of your theme (eg. our white links in the picture above). On the inside of these links, write a Disney themed activity or surprise that you and the kids can do together. Check out some of our suggestions HERE. Our chains pictured above were for a surprise trip, so while they are in Mickey colours, we kept it as low key as possible so we didn’t give anything away. There are many more Disney D.I.Y chains you can make for the kids (or yourself) that are much more themed, like these sets from the Purple Pumpkin.


3. Tip Envelopes

Disney D.I.Y #3 - Our simply decorated tip envelopes

Disney D.I.Y #3 – Our simply decorated tip envelopes

Even if you’re booking a package during your stay at Walt Disney World, one thing that is never included is a tip for cast members. Leaving tips is optional, but appreciated. If you would like to add some personal Disney D.I.Y magic to those tips, consider having your kids decorate envelopes. This is fun for the kids, and in cases like Mousekeeping tips, clears up any possible confusion. Mousekeeping won’t just take any money found laying around the room. Decorated envelopes add a smile to their day while also making it clear it is meant for them. This can be a good activity to do during a plane ride or road trip that helps to pass the time. Just write the recipients title on the envelope, and pass it over to the kids with stickers and crayons. Good for Magical Express drivers, baggage handlers, Mousekeeping, and restaurant servers.


4. Surprise Notes/Gifts

Disney D.I.Y #4 - Surprise Notes and gifts for the kids to find when they wake up

Disney D.I.Y #4 – Surprise Notes and gifts for the kids to find when they wake up

These notes and gifts are a great touch for your trip. Use them for your first morning, one day in the middle of your trip, and a third for your last day in the parks. Set them up after the kids go to sleep for them to find the next morning. Glow sticks/bracelets are one gift idea; Kids will want something glow in the dark for nights watching fireworks, and these are much less expensive than the items offered in the parks. You could also choose to give activity sets, snacks or make announcements for a special activity you are doing that day. Check out our FREE SURPRISE NOTE PRINTABLES! Print your preferred pattern, use a glue stick to attach to card stock and cut each out. It’s that simple! (With enough requests, I will make cards for each day of a 7 day trip. So if you’d like one card per day, please let me know!)

Surprise Note Patterns

Walt Disney World

Mickey Mouse

Minnie Mouse

Disney Princess


(Pattern pictured above by Dating Divas)

5. Park Charades

Disney D.I.Y #5 - Park Charades

Disney D.I.Y #5 – Park Charades

Looking for something fun to do while you’re waiting in line for a ride? Park Charades is a great interactive activity small enough to keep in your pocket! Try to get your family to guess what you’re acting out, using silent clues only! This great set includes characters, Disney food and items you would find around the park. Find the printable pdf HERE.


6. I-Spy

Disney D.I.Y's - I-spy

Disney D.I.Y #6 – Elliana loves playing our Disney I-spy in the parks!

Couldn’t get a FastPass+ Reservation for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train? Why not play a game of Disney I-Spy while you wait? Take a copy of our new free printable to fold and keep in your pocket for hands-free entertainment. You could even laminate it and take a small erasable marker and use the game over and over again, since the scenery will always be changing.


7. Photo Scavenger Hunt

Disney D.I.Y #7 – Photo scavenger hunt

This neat photo scavenger hunt is again by Dating Divas. They also have a “Spouse Version” available for print. This can be used as a fun way to convince photo-shy children to take a few extra pictures. Everything is more fun when it’s a challenge!

8. Walt Disney World Ride Checklist

Walt Disney World Ride Checklist

Disney D.I.Y #8 – These ride checklists were a great addition to our kids’ travel journals


These ride checklists by Busy Mom’s Helper are great! Day by day it is a fun way to see what rides you still have ahead of you; They also make a great memory keeper when you’re looking back on your trip. We printed these off and used a glue stick to put them in the travel journals our kids use. They could also be pasted to card stock to be kept in a memory box.


9. Disney D.I.Y T-Shirts

Disney D.I.Y #9 - Personalized or matching t-shirts!

Disney D.I.Y #9 – Personalized or matching t-shirts!

What better way to get into the spirit of Disney than to make your own personalized or matching family t-shirts! For our trip I made the above “We Can’t Keep Calm, We’re Going To Disney” shirts for the whole family. It was so fun to make and we all loved announcing our excitement wherever we went!  The best thing about these are that they are so much fun, and so easy to make.

  1. Buy plain shirts to fit each family member
  2. Purchase iron on transfer paper. Make sure you get the correct type. There is one for dark shirts and one for lights
  3. Create your t-shirt using a program like Word
  4. Print onto your transfer
  5. Follow the instructions on the package for ironing on the image.

One of the best parts about these shirts is that they can keep wearing them until they grow out of them. It is a great way for them to keep reliving the excitement and magic of their Walt Disney World vacation.


10. Handmade Disney Certificates

Disney D.I.Y #10 – Sample certificate by Disney Clips

Disney D.I.Y certificates are a great gift for kids. Gift certificates for Dole Whips, Mickey ice cream, a sweet from Goofy’s Candy Company or a chocolate croissant from Gaston’s Tavern in Magic Kingdom. Make it for experiences like the Aerophile balloon at Disney Springs, a train ride on the Walt Disney World Railway, or a character meet and greet. You can even make it something you plan to do anyways, but having the gift certificates can make kids feel like they’re part of the decision making. Some templates you might like can be found here at the Disney Clips website.


However you choose to sprinkle pixie dust on your vacation, I hope our Disney D.I.Y’s help enhance your enjoyment! Let us know if you use our printables or if there are any others you would like to see!



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