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Our kids love Lego. My husband loves Lego. We’ve talked about planning a visit to Legoland Toronto for quite some time. December 2017 brought us the opportunity to take all three kids and spend a day there. We were traveling to Toronto to spend a few weeks during the Christmas holidays and being offered a sponsored visit was a perfect addition to our trip. We have included everything you need to know for your visit including menus and prices!

All opinions in this post are our own, which we gained through our experience at the Legoland Toronto location.


Legoland Toronto

Legoland Toronto


First some information about Legoland:



Legoland Toronto is located inside the Vaughn Mills Mall at:

LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Toronto
1 Bass Pro Mills Drive
Vaughan  ON  L4K 5W4


Parking is free and ample


Timed entry tickets vary in price depending on what time you want to arrive. The least expensive ticket is $15.60 per person, if purchased online.
Flexi-tickets will cost you $26 per person.
An annual pass is $70 per person.

Age Range

Legoland Toronto is designed for children ages 3-10 years. Adults must be accompanied by a child. (with the exception of Adult Nights)

Adult Nights

Legoland Toronto hosts Adult Nights on the last Friday of every month (excluding December), from 6-9pm. Tickets are $15 per person and available to visitors 18 years and older. No children are allowed at these events.


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Legoland Toronto

A Map of the Legoland Toronto Building



Now the good stuff…


Legoland Toronto has 13 (soon to be 14) different attractions and services.

Lego Ninjago City Adventure

Ninjago City Adventure is a play structure designed to look like the buildings from the Ninjago tv series. Inside the buildings are slides, climbing tubes and nets and various other activites. Running shoes are recommended (footwear required). There is another Ninjago section (not attached to the play structure) where kids can test their skills in a laser tunnel.

4D Cinema

The 4D cinema shows various movies throughout the day. The shows are in 3D, with the added bonus of physical elements making the experience 4D. Some of the physical elements we experienced were bubbles filling the air, wind and small amounts of water being sprayed at you.

Kingdom Quest

Kingdom Quest is one of the rides at Legoland Toronto. In a chariot you ride through the kingdom, defeating beasts to save the princess. Children must be able to walk unassisted to ride.

Merlin’s Apprentice

This is the second ride at the Legoland Toronto Discovery Centre. As the ride turns, riders must peddle their cart to raise themselves up into the air. This ride has a height requirement of 90cm.


Here you will see Toronto’s downtown and major attractions recreated in miniature, using over half of a million Lego bricks. Landmarks such as the Rogers Centre, CN Tower, Toronto Pearson airport and Niagara Falls are on display along with many others. Miniland has moving parts, lights, sounds and pinball games all incorporated to make it even more of an interactive experience.

Racers: Build and Test

Build a race car out of Lego and race other visitors to try and earn the fastest time with your creation!

Factory Tour

Interactive station teaching children how raw plastic is made into the Lego bricks we all know and love

Earthquake Tables

Children use the earthquake tables to create their own buildings (or build the tallest tower they can!), then turn on the earthquake and see how their building holds up!

Lego Friends

This centre is built to look like Olivia’s house from Lego Friends. Snap a photo with the friends, create something at a building centre or sing along with Friends Karaoke.

Master Builder Academy

Meet a Master Builder and learn some insider tips and tricks. Sessions with the Master Builder run on the hour Mon-Sat 11-6pm and Sunday 12-6pm.

Duplo Village

This is a play area designed just for the little ones (ages 2-5). There is a barn to climb, a slide, large soft building blocks and a Duplo building centre.


After all their hard work, your kids are bound to be hungry. The Legoland Toronto Cafe is a convenient stop with plenty of options for the whole family.

Legoland Toronto Discovery Centre Shop

The Legoland Toronto Shop has over 900 sets and products available for purchase. No ticket is required to enter.

Mission Space (Coming soon)


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Our Review

Our experience at Legoland Toronto Discover Centre overall was enjoyable. Unfortunately we went during the schools Christmas break, so it was extremely busy and full. We couldn’t take as many pictures as we had hoped to because of the crowds (for the purpose of this article). That aside, here is what we found:

Our kids LOVED all of the building centres. There were many scattered all over the building and the kids always had 100 ideas of what they wanted to build next. We really liked the fact that a lot of the building centres weren’t directed (as when you’re building a specific set) because it allowed their imaginations to completely take off. Something we did feel was lacking was any specialty building pieces. There weren’t any rotating or bending pieces, windows or windshields; Nothing to personalize your build. They also enjoyed the Build and Test stations. They learned by trial and error and all of the kids we saw using that station were having a great time. If a car didn’t work, they laughed it off and headed back to start again.

Ninjago City Adventure was another big hit. They played in there for quite a while and would have kept playing if they hadn’t gotten hungry. The Ninjago laser tunnel was really neat as well. Our 5 and 3 year olds found it a little scary, but had a great time if Mom or Dad were going through with them. Our 7 year old was a Ninja master and loved everything about it.

The 4D cinema was neat. Ethan enjoyed it but one movie was good enough for him. The girls both went back a second time. The video quality wasn’t perfect. I can handle 3D movies in big theatres, but with this one I had to keep closing my eyes. Eric said he had a similar experience. The movies themselves were approx 15 minutes long and kept the kids entertained. They all thought the physical aspects of the 4D movie was the best part.

Kingdom Quest was a favourite for us parents and all of the kids loved it. I would say it was one of the top two attractions of the day. We went on when we first arrived and made sure to backtrack for a second ride before we left. Visitors are placed in a chariot that moves you through the ride. Each rider has their own ‘gun’ to shoot at villians (such as spiders, rats, skeletons, trolls etc) along the way, earning points as you work to save the captured princess.

Merlin’s Apprentice is the second ride available. For us it was just “okay”. Each cart carries two riders, so being a family of five, that meant one parent per girl, and our 7 year old rode by himself. This is normally not an issue, but to get your cart in the air you have to peddle FAST. Eric and I peddled at max speed to get off the ground. Poor Ethan just spun in circles at ground level. Unless your child is older or riding with an adult, they’re not going anywhere.

The factory tour is easy to mistake as part of the decor as you walk in past the ticket booth. We didn’t even realize what it was until we were well beyond that and saw something about it on a map. That being said, even though we didn’t know what it was, it still gave the kids something interesting to play with while we waited in line for Kingdom Quest. One thing they really enjoyed in that area in stepping on a scale that tells you your weight in Lego bricks.

Miniland was impressive and all of the little interactive features kept the kids busy much longer than I would have expected. It isn’t a huge area but they certainly took advantage of the space.

Our youngest especially enjoyed the earthquake tables. It is a simple concept but a lot of fun. It is really neat watching your kids trying new things with their creations and learning (on their own) what they can do to make them stronger.

We were very pleasantly surprised with the Cafe. Usually at sites like these you have to hand over your first born just to get a hot dog. The prices here were very reasonable, the portion sizes good, and the food was delicious! When doing my own research before our visit I noticed I wasn’t able to find any information or pictures of the menu and prices, so I made a point of taking a few to attach for any of my readers who would like to know what to expect to spend. (Pictures Below – Click to enlarge)

We did not use Duplo Village or the Master Builder Academy, so I cannot comment on those features.


To sum it all up…

As I mentioned, our experience at Legoland Toronto was a good one. We stayed for 7 hours before needing to leave. If the kids had their way, we would have stayed longer. It is all directed towards kids, so as parents be prepared to gain your enjoyment from watching your children’s interactions. We do recommend Legoland Toronto as a fun family activity, but we suggest finding a time to go when crowds would not be so overwhelming.

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