Nepal: The Map Project

Nepal: The Map Project


On our fourth month of the Map Project we visited Nepal. Elliana had been eyeing it up for two months and was so excited to add her sticker to the map. We learned about the flag of course, and got to try some interesting new flavours. We even ate with our hands! Our first weeks meal included a few new recipes; Tomato Achar (like a chutney), Aloo Cauli, Dal and Rice. All together this meal is called Dal Bhat. The recipe does have quite a lot of spice, so we tried toning it down for the kids. It was still quite spicy, but surprisingly they still really enjoyed it anyway


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Click here to down load our recipe for DalBhat


Click here to download the Nepal Flag



The Map Project is one of our family’s favourite activities. Sometimes life gets in the way and we can’t do as many activities or recipies per month as we hoped. This was another of those months. Another event that happened while we were studying Nepal was the earthquake of April 2015. The kids had seen me watching news clips of what was happening in Nepal and they decided they wanted to do something to help. We decided that instead of spending money on crafts and extra Map Project groceries, they were going to earn $2 for every chore they did for the rest of the month. That money they collected and in the end, donated to the earthquake relief fund. In one week they managed to earn $62 to donate.


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