Uruguay: The Map Project



Uruguay Map Project

Uruguay was a really great month. We ate a lot of amazing food and the kids were so excited that most of it was hands-on for them. We would all eat these meals again!

The only craft item we did this month was the flag. Uruguay is known for ceramics, so if you’re looking for a craft to do with your children you could try something like this Paintable Ceramic Tea Set and have them paint them in the flag colours or pattern, or pick up some ceramic ornaments from your local craft shop and have them design their own holiday ornament.


Uruguay Map Project: Week One

Here is what we made on week one:

Click the links above to download recipes and printable flags

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Uruguay Map Project: Week Two

During our second week studying Uruguay we only made one dish, called Pascualina (click for recipe). It is a dinner pie filled with Swiss chard and ricotta cheese. We weren’t sure what to expect from a pie with this mix of filling, but it was a hit with everyone! The recipe includes instructions and an ingredients list for both the crust and the filling.

(I apologize for the bad pictures, they were taken on an old phone with a bad camera)


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Uruguay Map Project: Week Three


Week three may have been an all-time favourite for our house full of BBQ lovers! This week is Asado. Black pudding, crusty bread and provolone are eaten while waiting for longer cuts of meat to cook. Serve ribs first, followed by steak and chicken. Also serve with bread and vegetables (grill corn, eggplant, potatoes and onion seasoned with olive oil and salt). There is no real recipe for this meal, cook each as you like and enjoy!!

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We hope you enjoy Uruguay as much as we did. For more Map Project ideas visit our Learning Through Play page



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